Purist Rods LAMSON 3 WT
Purist Rods LAMSON
Purist Rods LAMSON
Purist Rods LAMSON
Purist Rods LAMSON
Purist Rods LAMSON
Purist Rods LAMSON


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Size:3 WT

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Trouble at Home? Silver Creek is an intoxicating problem. Languid currents and clear water lay bare your plans. The fish have advanced degrees in entomology, with ample time to study the menu.
And this is our home turf.
If Silver Creek is the problem, Purist is the solution: Purpose-built for technical fly fishing; for accuracy and finesse, for long leaders and small flies. From its 2 piece construction to the light and spare hardware specification, everything about Purist is focused on reducing upper section weight to enhance energy delivery, recovery, feedback, and feel.
When it comes to action, it's all about the balance of power. The Purist blank is very progressive, with a supple tip that loads easily and short, a mid-section that maintains tracking and stability, and a solid butt section that stores and releases energy with perfect control.
Purist was designed and tested, revised and fine-tuned and tested, and tested and tested (and tested) on some of the most exacting water on the planet.
The others will seem easy. 

Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Jesus Christ, that's Jason Bourne

I picked up a purist 4wt at Anglers Fly Shop here in Boise last week and fished with it the other day. I paired it with my Guru and a size 20 olive smoke jumper. I can't believe the ease of accuracy you get from this rod. While working the fly out to the spot I wanted it to drop I had a trout breach the surface and strike at my fly. Being it's December and not getting any more action from a dry fly, I switched to nymphing. Running an Idaho Stank about 3 ft under an indicator produce a 17" whitefish and an 18" rainbow. Handed the rod to my son to test out and he refused to give it back. About 15 minutes later my son caught another 18" rainbow. Light, accurate, fast....this rod is sure to slay the trout. My son will have to buy his own purist because it's not leaving my hands again. Dry flies or roll casting nymphs, the purest is simply phenomenal.


My new 5 Weight workhorse

After several years of use I added a Lamson reel to my old TFO that I really liked so when it came time to look for a new 5 wt I picked up a Purest and headed for the North Fork of the C'DA. Spent over 8 hours fishing a wide range of flies, including hoppers (w/ a dropper) to very small dries.I didn't want to come off the river and had my best day on this river in years! It's a great rod that I look forward to fishing for years to come. I'd definitely recommend it.

Right on! The Purist is a dream to cast, glad it was there to help on such a great day. Thanks for using our reels AND rods, they make for a great combo.

Purist 9' 4wt Simply Stunning!

It’s been my experience with fly rods that unless you’re willing to break the bank there’s a fairly simple rule: accurate, light, and cheap, pick any two of the three. The 9’ 4wt not only breaks the rule but destroys it. I’m fortunate to have a number of top-end rods, so I’m comparing the Purist to rods that are 50% - 100% more expensive. My rod collection covers mainly 5 – 8wt rods, and a couple of inexpensive 4wts. I’m now fishing in western NC, on small to medium freestone streams. On many of these streams, a 5wt is just too much rod, so it was time to get a better 4wt. However, paying upwards of $1,000 for another rod held little interest for me. I had owned the prior generation SS rod, and after that experience, I wasn’t even considering another Lamson rod. I happened by a local fly shop and saw the Velocity rods, and my first thought was WOW these are really nice looking with excellent fit and finish. But on a small freestone stream, an ultra-fast rod is the wrong tool for the job. I happen to see the Tim Volk video on the Purist and that video touched on every point I wanted in a 4wt.

After having fished this rod, it’s as light and accurate as my Douglas SKY-G, but at half the price. The tip enables the rod to load easily and make wonderful delicate casts. I’m routinely making 30’+ foot casts, under an overhanging bush, next to the bank, to a spot the size of a coffee cup. The more I cast this rod, the more I want to cast it.

As for the elephant in the room, 2-piece construction. I couldn’t imagine trying to take this on a fly-in trip, it’s simply too long. However, as a home-water rod, it’s a non-issue. Oh, and the reel seat is such a straightforward and common-sense design, I’m surprised someone didn’t think of it decades ago.

In much the same way Orvis designed the H3 F&D series rods, Lamson has done the same with the Purist and Velocity rods, just at half the cost.

We think the Purist out fishes its price tag too. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thorough review. The 2 piece is a little tough for airline travel but in using that design we were really able to dial in all the action that makes this rod special. Hope it continues to serve you well!

Guy Fredella
Exceptional Value!

I have been fishing the same 4wt rod and reel for a long time and have had much success both dry flying and nymphing. This year, however, I wanted to "up" my drying flying game. After much research, I decided on the Lamson 3wt Purist. The river I fish most requires small dry flies - 22-26's. The presentation must be soft and accurate. The Purist does both extremely well. I like the two piece rod assembly and the attractive finish. This rod makes beautiful curve casts, roll casts and reach casts. The new lock down rail system is an added bonus. I have also high-sticked this rod when there were no fish rising and it performed exceptionally well. It's light weight is a big plus. I believe this would be a great nymphing rod on small brooks. In closing, I do believe the Purist has improved my dry flying and at the listed price, it is a GREAT VALUE. I rightly recommend this rod.

level up! Glad the Purist rod has been a good fit for you and thanks for the thoughtful review. Its a great explanation of what this rod does and how it fishes. Have a great season and thanks for fishing the Purist. If you like the 3wt you'll love the 4wt too!

Martin Olavarri
Best Fly Rod I have owned

I purchased a Purist 9' 4 wt a little while back and finally had a chance to use it recently. I was on a little creek at snow line that was crystal clear and spooky. One strike and your out type of fishishing.
This rod is awesome, pin point accuracy, a joy to cast! I have been fishing with a fly rod in my hands for 61 years. Although, lots of worm dipping as a kid! There are several quality fly rods in my closet and now they will remain there.
Many thanks to Waterworks Lamson for building a quality product.

That is the right tool for the job!