Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON -3+ Reel Glacier
Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON -3+ Reel Smoke
Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON
Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON
Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON
Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON
Liquid (Legacy) Reels LAMSON


Liquid (Legacy)

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Liquid courage. Let’s face it, die-cast reels are intended to be low-cost alternatives to machined reels, right? Heavier. Easier to damage. Plain Jane. Well . . . not anymore. When creating Liquid, we focused purely on the virtues and advantages a pressure-cast process can offer. Structurally, you can do things with casting that you can’t machine: Full-radius compound curves. Near zero-radius inside corners. And for a precision fit and finish, we even go back and machine the cast part in critical areas—amplifying the best aspects of both worlds. 

Available in Smoke and Glacier.

** Liquid Spools also fit Remix HD and non-HD Remix Reels **


-3+ 3.34" 0.99" 4.20 oz 2.3.4 WF4 100 yds 20#
-5+ 3.61" 1.00" 4.65 oz 4.5.6 WF6 100 yds 20#
-7+ 3.85" 1.14" 5.20 oz 6.7.8 WF8 200 yds 20#
-9+ 4.65" 1.37" 6.70 oz 8.9.10 WF10 250 yds 30#

Additional Info

Format: Large Arbor
Materials: Pressure Cast Aluminum Frame and Spool
Finish: Polyurethane Case and Spool
Drag: Sealed Conical Drag

Weight: 0.8 lbs
Dimensions: 6 × 6 × 4 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Jeff Nafzger
Lamson Liquid Legacy

I Bought this reel to replace one (different brand) I had lost from my kayak. Nice reel, great drag with very nice finish. First Lamson and I like it.

John Sparger
Went ahead and bought another

I just bought one more on this closeout. It is my 5th liquid that I have bought as a reel for my client rods. (Full time guide, for 19 years). These things are the best deal in fly fishing. I have had the oldest one in my quiver for close to a decade. It has caught thousands of fish, and held a dozen different fly lines. And still holds up like the day it was first strung up. Great reels.

Gordon Lear
Best Deal in Fly Fishing. Hands down

Dollar for dollar the best deal in the entire flyfishing industry. I bought an 8wt several years ago and when I heard these were on a deal I jumped all over it. Reel, Drag, appearance are legit. Highly recommend.

joshua schmitz

I Bought this reel for my son and ended up using his so much I had to buy myself one. Smooth reel with great drag. Love it!

Larry Goodsell
Giant switch rod reel, Liquid 9+

I just dove down the switch rod rabbit hole and needed a reel (on a budget) with enough capacity to hold the garden hose sized shooting line. The 9+ Liquid is exactly what I was looking for and I was lucky enough to pick up a reel and an extra spool while they were on clearance.

I will add that a couple of my buddies have been fishing the 5+ Liquids for a couple years and they love them. I'll be looking at the new version for my 8 weight rods as soon as I recover financially from the new switch gear.