Spring Staff Picks - 2023


Velocity 7wt + Litespeed F -7+

This time of year is always exciting.  Longer days and warmer weather means fishing without frozen guides is on the way.  In the coming months while we deal with blown out rivers, I spend time focused on warm water species like Carp.

You have probably heard people bring up this species before, but if you're waiting out run-off its worth a shot.  It’s a great change of pace and my fall back when summer heat gets tough on trout. 

My go to set up for dumpster dolphin starts with the Velocity 7wt.  This rod can cover a lot of water with big casts and it’s well suited for bulkier flies.  The fast action is perfect for making quick shots and repositioning when I didn’t line it up just right.  I’m also not limited by the wind that never seems to quit. 

Velocity 7wt

When it all comes together with an eat, I have the Litespeed F -7+ to help tame these bruisers.  With a good fish on you are probably going to seeing your backing, sometimes more than once.  

A strong drag that can slow them down is a must… The Litespeed F more than checks that box.  The super arbor spool design also gives me a high retrieve rate, perfect for playing catch up. 

If the Carp aren’t playing ball this rod and reel are really well suited for Bass that share the same water.  Saving what can pretty quickly become a frustrating day of refusals.  

- Kyle



Radius 5wt + Guru S -5+

This time of year in our backyard means Skwala.  A hatch that is anything but reliable and can be challenging to time up…  Kind of like the unpredictable weather. 

That being said I like to fish the Radius 5wt, a perfect do it all rod.  When the temperatures are cooperative and Skwalas pop I’m ready to cast dries.  A welcome sign of what’s to come in the following months.  

If the timing isn’t just right, I can fall back on pre-hatch nymphing.  Sometimes you have to do both and hit them with the dry/dropper to find out what’s working.  This rod gives me the flexibility to roll with punches. 

Paired up with a Guru S -5+ this outfit is lightweight and plain fun to fish.  The reel is a total workhorse and incredibly durable.  I always keep an extra spool, or two, with different lines in our multi reel case that I take everywhere.  

A sink tip is always handy to have in case I need to get streamers down to where the fish are and totally switch things up.  This helps me cover water effectively and keep things organized. 

Whether I’m out on the river or making a quick trip to the ponds near my house this set up is down for anything. 


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