No, registering your reel isn’t necessary. We stand behind what we make and if warranty or repair is needed please contact us and we will get you taken care of.

For questions regarding warranty coverage please check out our warranty page for a more detailed explanation.

Several generations of our reels are compatible to other varying generations.

View the compatibility chart for specific spool interchangeability, and see what rods are compatible too:

Reel compatibility chart»

Rod compatibility chart »

Hold the reel in your hands with the drag knob facing you. Place your fingertips around the edge of the reel case and place your thumbs in the ports against the spool. Push the spool away from the case. You will feel the reel “click” as the o-ring unseats from its groove. Withdraw the spool from the body.

Watch our instructional video that visually walks you through this process.

Important: Do not remove the drag knob or the black nut with two small holes in it. 

First, with the drag knob facing you, remove the spool (by holding the edge of the case with your fingers push your thumbs through the ports of the case and push the spool out). Put the spool aside.

Holding the frame/case in your hand, unscrew the black cap with gear teeth at the end of the center cylinder. The clutch should fall out (tap lightly on flat surface if necessary).

Flip the clutch over and reinstall. Female notches on the clutch must fit into male notches inside the cylinder.

To ensure the clutch is fully seated and notches are properly engaged, use your pinky, ball point pen or similar clean tool to rotate clutch as necessary. Reinstall the cap by hand.

Please watch our instructional video that will visually walk you through this process.

Our warranty is valid for the lifetime of the original purchaser of a rod or reel against any defect in material or workmanship. This warranty applies to parts and labor, and does not cover damage due to misuse, improper maintenance or modification.

This warranty is limited to repair or replacement at our option.

We will fix and ship your rod or reel promptly so that you can get back on the water quickly. If you need to return a rod or a reel for repair, please refer to the instructions and return form below.

Please print and fill out the relevant form. To insure proper return of your rod or reel please print clearly.

*Note: Repair parts or color may not match the original reel.

Warranty return process»

Late in 1998, we acquired Lamson from Sage Manufacturing. The LPs were discontinued and the remaining stock was sold. We are sorry to inform you that we no longer repair or have parts for LP reels and spools.

Here are some options for you:

• You can purchase a Speedster, Guru, Remix or Liquid reel at 50% off retail price. If you are interested in returning your older reel and taking advantage of our upgrade program Download our LP upgrade form.

• LP reels can be repaired by Bill Archuleta of Archuleta’s Reel Works. Bill can be reached by phone at 541-956- 1691 or you can email him at or view his website at 

• If you have a Lamson DCA or Saltwater Series (Bonefish, Permit, Steelhead or Tarpon) reel and would like to inquire on repairs or parts the original manufacturer, Sage Manufacturing, can be reached at: 888-848-7243 or

Waterworks-Lamson offers an upgrade program to all purchasers of old Lamson LP reels. When you send in your LP reel, you have the opportunity to purchase a Waterworks-Lamson Speedster, Guru, Remix or Liquid for 50% off of the retail price.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, you may find out more here. Once your old reel is received and confirmed we will process your order.

Our reels are all designed in-house. All of our machined reels (Guru Series II, Guru HD Series II, Speedster, Speedster HD, Litespeed Micra5,  Force SL Series II, Arx and Cobalt) use components manufactured by our U.S.-based machining partners. Liquid and Remix use both U.S. and overseas manufactured component parts.

Components integral to the drag system are U.S.-Manufactured. All reels are assembled and quality controlled at our facility in Boise, Idaho.

Our rods are all designed in-house. The rods are manufactured to our specifications by our partner, a manufacturer who makes some of the world’s most famous, prestigious and award-winning rods. The Center Axis reels are manufactured by our U.S.-based machining partners.

Yes. But it’s important to understand that the Sage Center Axis was our concept, licensed to Sage. At that time (nearly 20 years ago) we weren’t ready to design and manufacture rods to bring the Center Axis concept to market and so we sought out a partner; Sage was that partner.

Now we’re ready to fulfill our vision of this concept. From rod actions to rod/reel fastening system to purpose-designed reel to line weights offered, we now make the complete Center Axis concept that we envisioned all those years ago.

You may download a printable version of our catalog here.