Guru Rods LAMSON 4 WT
Guru Rods LAMSON 7 WT w/ Fighting Butt
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON
Guru Rods LAMSON


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Mentor, expert or master of a certain knowledge. In your pursuit of fly fishing enlightenment, look to the Guru for guidance on the journey. This medium-fast action rod will surprise pros and novice anglers alike. With a forgiving feel, Guru provides accuracy and control to help you connect deeply with the water and fish. With weights for smaller waters and creeks to big western rivers or inshore saltwater fishing, keep some karma on your side and in your pocket. Guru’s ready for whatever path you choose to pursue.

Guru Fly rods use our proprietary Lockdown reel seat

7wt + 8wt have a fighting butt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Giovanni Vitalie
Broke on first trip

Purchased from Cabelas a few days ago. After a 3.5 hour drive up the river I only got a handful of casts before the tip randomly broke off. I've never broken a rod in 20 years of fishing. The only thing that makes sense is that there was a manufacturing defect. Really disappointing after the guy in the store raved about it, and I drove 7 hours roundtrip for nothing but disappointment.

Lee Umberger
Excellent rod

I am still a new comer to the sport of fly fishing. This is my second rod and when I used it for the first I feel in love with the rod. I can tell I am improving my techniques each time out. Thanks Lamson.

Love to hear that Lee! Thanks for choosing one of ours for your second rod, sounds like it has set you up for success. Hope you have an awesome season.

Andrew Sacco

Bought this as a 5 weight at West Branch Resort in NY after casting a Clearwater too. What a wonderful rod for the money! I currently fish several $900 rods and while this is not as fast it’s forgiving and sensitive and the price is WAY more than fair. I bought this for a close friend and now will pick one up in 4 weight for myself. It’s a rod you don’t feel bad about if something happens but Lamson has a great warranty so this is the smart move you should make.

Thanks Ryan! The Guru casts wayy above its price tag. We are super happy to hear its working out for you.


Love it and thank you Lamson !

Glad you love it! The Guru rods are a sleeper for sure.