ULA Force + Purist

The reels you've waited 26 years for...

The ULA design may be almost three decades old but its still a leader in innovation.

We still get calls and requests for these reels.  At fly fishing shows we hear "the best fish I've ever was caught on one of those!" or "I still fish that old reel every season".

So, give the people what they want!  We pulled out the prints and got to work re-releasing the ULA reels to original specs.  

The Limited-Edition ULA Purist is an ideal match to our Purist rod.  Calling this set up “pure” may be a little too on the nose, but it’s hard to say it much better. 

This click-pawl reel perfectly balances out the already light weight rod and makes for some of the most fun you can have fighting a fish.

Its bigger brother, the Limited-Edition ULA Force, has our time-tested conical drag and is a great match for either the Velocity or Radius rod.

If you go all the way back... the Ketchum Release predated our first reel.  Going against convention to design innovative, useful fishing equipment has always been in our blood.

A reel does much more than just store line… The mass of the reel influences the cast.  The line storage format (spool) defines the quality of the line handling.  The drag system determines how effectively a fish is controlled.

By re-configuring the surface area of traditional disks into a pair of matching conical elements we were able to seal the drag completely from moisture. 

From there our conical drag system and general design philosophy was born and carried on into our rods (E.G. Lockdown reel seat found on every rod).

This has led us to over 40-reel models to date and a line of rods that cast as well as their more expensive counter parts.  But sometimes its nice to revisit your roots.

Grab yours quick!  We only made a limited amount and once they are gone it may be another couple decades before we get nostalgic again.

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